Driving Lessons

The Essential Driver Training Course can only be provided by an RSA Approved Driving Instructor. There are 12 Lessons in the Course.

  1. Car Controls & Safety Checks
  2. Correct Positioning
  3. Changing Direction
  4. Progression Management
  5. Correct Positioning
  6. Anticipation and Reaction
  7. Sharing The Road
  8. Driving Safely Through Traffic
  9. Changing Direction (more complex situations)
  10. Speed Management
  11. Driving Calmly
  12. Night Driving.

The Course is a syllabus therefore there are targets to meet in each lesson. This means that a lot of practice should happen in between lessons with your sponsor. (Your sponsor is the fully licenced driver you will practise with.)

When you start the course you will be given a logbook which you will take home with you after every lesson. This logbook will be signed and stamped on the completion of each lesson syllabus. You will also be given a learner driver Information booklet that will explain the expected outcomes of each lesson 1-12. These outcomes are what you will practise in the build up to the lesson in question.