Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to have my first provisional driving licence before I can sit my driving test?
A. (6 months) but again if my Licence is dated after the 04/04/11 thats right I will have to complete a 12 EDT Lessons Course.

How many questions will I be asked before I go out on my test?
A. 18 Questions, including 10 sign questions, 8 general questions (i.e) What is the minimum thread depth for your tyres? (1.6 mm)

How long do I have to wait to be called for my Driving test after I have applied?
A. 8-11 weeks is the expected waiting time, however if you apply on line you can ask for a cancellation test and will be given 10 days notice.

How long is the driving test from start to finish?
A. The Driving test will last 40-45 mins.

What parts of my driving will I be judged on in the driving test?
A. Observation, Mirrors, Positioning, Reaction to Hazards, Clearance/Overtaking, Signalling, Progress, Vehicle Controls, Speed, Traffic Controls (i.e) Traffic Lights and Road Markings etc., given Right ofWay  and Parking at the test centre. You will have to do 3 manoeuvre’s the Hill Start, Turnabout and Reverse around the corner.
How much is the driving test?
A. Currently the test is priced at €85.00 R.O.I
£45.50 (weekdays) £62.50 (Evenings and Weekends) N.I
Theory: €45.00 R.O.I / £23.00 N.